Vi Trinh – Video Game Portfolio

Cyber Soldiers in Cyber Houses


Unity, Blender

Visuals, Sound, Writing: Vi Trinh

Programming: Athena Hoosek

A point and click I-Spy game about cyber surveillance and data ethics in constitutional law.  Play through thirty levels with the fastest time and find all the bugs to get the best score.


Hot Potato Hot Takes

2022 – Ongoing
Unity, Photoshop, After Effects
A series of interactives each made in under 48 hours responding to current events.  Every game embraces a different style, genre, and subject.





Street Lamp B

Unity, Blender
Visuals, Animation, Writing: Vi Trinh
Sound and Writing: Kyrin Chen
Programing: Ning Sun
A dialog based game, play as an NPC street lamp in a world of lamps.  A game about infrastructural agency and complicity.



The Bunker Series

Unity, Blender, Photoshop, Adobe After Effects
Visuals, Sound, Animation, Programming: Vi Trinh
A series of three interactive stories about post-apocalyptic bunkers.