Puppet Raised Javan Green Magpies


Ellen King

Production Assistant:
Yueh-Ning Lee
Chloe Lin
Mehmil Nadeem
Sydney Westenkow
Gabriela Yiptong
Feiya Zang


Italo Calvino | Cosmicomics (1965)
Chester Zoo
EAZA | EAZA Best Practice Guidelines Javan Green Magpies Cissa thalassina (2019)
Collar and Roland | Conservation breeding and the most threatened (song)birds in Asia—ten years on (2022)
IUCN SSC Asian Songbird Trade Specialist Group
Margulis and Sagan | Gaia and Philosophy (2023)
Emily Marris | Rambunctious Garden : saving nature in a post-wild world (2013)
Andrew Owen
Silent Forest
Zoe Sweetman

Javan Green Magpie Text