Atlantis is the third piece in the “The Bunker Series” it’s a 3D modeled interactive with narration and music. Atlantis takes place in the future under the sea in a post-apocalyptic refugee shelter. Inspired by Plato’s Atlantis, the work of Michel Foucault and Sartre, Atlantis is an optimistic outlook on a post-apocalyptic future. Atlantis is a response to American capitalism and hyper-individualism, capitalism assumes that people’s primary motivation is greed and at the same time promotes greed in a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead, Atlantis tries to form an socio-economic political system built on the assumption of compassion starting with visual design and extending to the A.I. The first two pieces in the series were dour, critical, and satirical; in the current Covid-19 epidemic it would be irresponsible of this series to not offer a solution, if not a solution then hope, and if not hope then comfort.


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Atlantis Narration

Atlantis by Plato

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