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Lizard Tank is a short animated video inspired by Hito Steryl’s Missing People: Entanglement, Superposition, and Exhumation as Sites of Indeterminacy.  

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Joseph Mccormick, Izzy Pezzulo, Vi Trinh

Monument is a collaborative documentary about Richmond’s Monument Avenue.  Monument avenue is a cobblestone street that contains confederate statues and has many historical buildings, it is a subject of much criticism and debate in the city, the documentary focuses on the aesthetics of southern nobility and looks into the narrative of those who defend confederate monuments.


Charcoal Dust in a Truck by the James River



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Thank You is a hand drawn animated short video.  It is meditation on the power struggles paralleled in society and nature, the violence, hunger, and exploitation in unbalanced relationships.  It focuses on a bear, a young girl, and society as characters in conflict.