A Giant Cosmic Cephalopod

A non-linear story about the life cycle of a Giant Cosmic Cephalopod.


Puppet Raised

In order to save an endangered species, caretakers use puppets to raise captive bred birds. The scientists wear disguises to prevent the birds from imprinting so that the birds can eventually be released into the wild. Puppet Raised is a series of four videos about puppet raised endangered birds including: Puppet Raised Whooping Cranes, Puppet Raised California Condors, Puppet Raised Javan Green Magpies, and Empty Nesters.



Puppet Raised: A Field Guide

In order to save an endangered species, caretakers use puppets to raise captive bred birds.  The scientists wear disguises to prevent the birds from imprinting so that the birds can eventually be released into the wild.  This is a field guide for the anthology of video works and associated material for Puppet Raised.  Here you will find a complete and full copy of all text, accessibility documents, and exclusive accompanying material.  Please find enclosed the contents for Puppet Raised Whooping Cranes, Puppet Raised California Condor, Puppet Raised Javan Green Magpies, and Empty Nesters.

Puppet Raised Whooping Cranes
   Puppet Raised Whooping Cranes Video Text
   The Uncanny Valley and Reaching for Infinity
Puppet Raised California Condors
   Puppet Raised California Condors Video Text
   California Condors the Construction of a Joke
Puppet Raised Javan Green Magpies
   Puppet Raised Javan Green Magpies Video Text
   Giant Cosmic Cephalopod
Empty Nesters
   Empty Nesters Video Text



Empty Nester

Part of the Puppet Raised, a series of videos about puppet raised birds.  A costume performance about the scientist after the end of captive breeding programs.



Puppet Raised Javan Green Magpies

Part of the Puppet Raised, a series of videos about puppet raised birds.  A stop motion Lovecraftian horror-comedy about Javan Green Magpies with felt and 2.5D animation.



Goldsmiths MFA Fine Art Degree Show

Goldsmiths University of London |  Church G05
Private View | Thursday 20 July | 6pm – 9pm
Open to Public | Friday 21 July – Tuesday 25 July | 10am-7pm
Sunday Opening Times | 11am – 5pm


Exhibiting for the first time the entirety of Puppet Raised, a four part video series about endangered birds bred in captivity and raised by puppets to prevent imprinting on humans.

Including video projects, Puppet Raised Whooping Cranes, Puppet Raised California Condors, Puppet Raised Javan Green Magpies, Empty Nesters, on an immersive 360 projection stage.  With accompanying text in Puppet Raised: A Field Guide.




Pastel Dreams: Interactive Nostalgia Maps

Pastel Dreams: Interactive Nostalgia Maps is the workshop led by artist Vi Trinh with a focus on positivity about personal nostalgia.

The core of the workshop is to use nostalgia as motivation for a better future as well as nostalgia as recreated memory, as a story a person tells themselves, and the connection to interactive divergent storytelling. With the following exercise, she would like to highlight the translational effect of nostalgic memory in which it is hard to communicate memories both to others and to ourselves with a separation in distance or time. This is also a look into Vi’s process of making her hot potato hot takes, video-game projects that only take 48 hours to make.

What participants create during the workshop will become the materials for the video games that Vi will create later and the final product will be uploaded on and

The workshop is part of exhibition (…) Forgot to Remember to Forget (…) 29th October – 5th October at Gerald Moore Gallery





September 28th – 29th 2022

Chisenhale Studios

“This exhibition highlights the work of emerging moving image artists who rarely have the opportunity to exhibit their works exclusively in a space designed for moving images. The event also provides a space for seemingly low brow, internet inspired art, to occupy a high art arena. This exhibition subverts traditional notions of video games and digital art, acting as a tool to question broader issues of escapism, alternate forms of connection, and potential for infinite possibility in an age where our lives move increasingly online. This experience is similar to a choose your own adventure style video game, or video game arcade, where the player/viewer is in control rather than the artist or curator.”







shall make shall be

Shall Make Shall Be: the bill of rights at play

July 4 – August 30, 2022
15 Pine Street, NYC NY 10005

Federal Hall National Memorial will commemorate the 230th anniversary of the Bill of Rights in an unexpected way: with an exhibition of games. “Shall Make, Shall Be: The Bill of Rights at Play” will open in Federal Hall’s Grand Rotunda July 4, 2022 and remain through August 31.

Shall Make, Shall Be: The Bill of Rights at Play is a curatorial project that invited independent artists and game designers to create playable artworks themed around the individual amendments in the Bill of Rights, drawing on their effects, interpretations, and legal meanings in US culture. These works are meant to be understood as critical games, using the mechanisms of play to interrogate, critique, and inform our understanding of civil liberties in the twenty-first century.


The Mass Trolley Problem

May 26, 2022

Interactive Internet Art Piece

Content Warning: Cartoon Violence

Pink Flamingos

May 20, 2022

Interactive Internet Piece



‘00:59:59’ presents five London artists in a site-specific, 2 hour exhibition responding to the location’s 14 x 13 m ceiling mounted 4K UHD LED screen.

Rather than individual objects, works included in ’00:59:59′ act as components of an experience. The exhibition functions as a backdrop to new connections and conversations. Focus is drawn to the dialogues that are sparked when people come together to experience art. The interdependence of a shared personal experience ​is mirrored by the interdependence of the works.

Feiya Zhang @duck_fei
Kyrin Chen @xxchecx
Moritz Tibes @moritztibes
Sasha Ercole @ercolesasha
Vi Trinh. @v_trinh

Curated by Antoin Sharkey @antoinsharkey





The Wishing Well 

April 24, 2022

Interactive Internet Piece


Shall Make, Shall Be: Two Evenings of Online Artist Talks by Game Creators

April 5, 2022 5:00 PM–April 6, 2022 7:00 PM

Online (Streaming on YouTube)


Join us online for two evenings of rapid-fire presentations by the artists of Shall Make, Shall Be — a group residency initiative by the STUDIO to develop interactive game-artworks about the U.S. Bill of Rights!

Conceived by STUDIO curator-in-residence R. Luke DuBois, the Shall Make, Shall Be initiative commissioned ten artists, game designers, and collectives to create a series of interactive games — each focusing on one of the first Ten Amendments to the U.S. Constitution. From 5-7pm EST on April 5th and 6th, 2022, these artists will give brief presentations about their projects and creative practices. All presentations will be streamed live online via YouTube, and will include Q&A with the artists and organizers. To receive the URL for the event’s YouTube stream, please register here.

The commissioned artists were selected through an open call, and include (Margaret Schedel and Melissa F. Clarke); Peter BradleyDanielle Isadora ButlerBroken Ghost Immersives (Arnab Chakravarty and Ian McNeely) and Moaw!Cherisse Datu and Latoya PetersonRyan KuoAndy MaloneShawn Pierre; Vi Trinh; and Lexa Walsh.

The Shall Make, Shall Be initiative makes space for artists to engage an explicitly polemical curatorial question: how can we use play to investigate, problematize, and re-frame the documents that serve as the foundation of U.S. political experience? Presented as interactive installations, the artists’ games take familiar forms—puzzles, arcade games, and popular video game genres, among others. Unlike many games, the commissioned works provide their players with a unique opportunity to consider the underpinnings of what it means to be an American.

Click here for more information


An NFT Called Tyrian Purple


Interactive Internet Piece




Interactive Internet piece


The Algorithmic Dragon Holds its Own Leash


Interactive Internet Art


The Yellow-Bellied Chicken Beats the Cash Cow


Interactive Internet Piece


It’s not crocs.  it’s timeless, it’s Lindy

Please join us on 16 March for ‘It’s not crocs, It’s timeless, It’s Lindy’, a hybrid image and lecture performance. The event will feature a talk by Ben Burbridge, Professor, Co-Director of the Centre for Photography and Visual Culture at the University of Sussex and author of ‘Photography After Capitalism’ (2020, Goldsmiths Press / MIT Press).

The lecture performance is situated within the site of a permanently closed Peacocks department store in Catford, South London. It centers around speculative futures, collaborative learning models, and alternatives to privatised and deregulated Higher Education. At a time where institutional models are being challenged across the country, current industrial strike actions brought about by educators and staff have allowed a platform for a collective reimagining of what the possibility of education may look like in future.

This project was conceptualized and created by Kyrin Chen, Sasha Ercole, Moritz Tibes, Vi Trinh and Gabriela Avila Yiptong.




In Futures_after, you are invited to become part of an open-ended dialogue – that of navigating our world manifested from individual and mutual needs, wants, hopes and fears. To ask what a post-industrial world could look like and to face, head-on the disparate, social, economic and emotional possibilities that we are living through.

In this communal space the artists present their interactions, through performances, participatory practices, film and installation, their art as not only product but reflections of living in this time of hyper consumerism. They collectively ask – what alternative modes of exchange are possible, even when the archetype of the artist itself has been swallowed up and compartmentalized during capitalism.

The works offered here give an ‘other’ view of contemporary art, as conversation and interaction… and whilst they may not dare to offer any solutions, merely by exhibiting this work in a former retail space, the act of ‘being’ in a building, a shared commons is created. This group of artists are not preaching a manifesto but attempting to offer something consequential… an alternative portal perhaps.

The residency and the exhibition has been made possible with the support from Hypha Studios, Arts Council England, Lewisham Council, London Borough of Culture 2022, European Union, HM Government and Exhibitions Hub at Goldsmiths, University of London. 



Puppet Raised Whooping Cranes

Installation, Video, Sculpture


International Crane Foundation

China Global Television NetworkCaregivers wear puppet

glove to train endangered birds go back to the wild

Georgia Public Broadcasting Journey of the Whooping Crane

Nat Geo WildRaising Baby Whoopers United States of Animals

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation Flight to Survive:

Saving Whooping Cranes

ZooBorns Four Endangered Whooping Cranes Released into

the Wild Thanks to Conservation Partnership


Atlantis Play Through

Atlantis is the third piece in the “The Bunker Series” it’s a 3D modeled interactive with narration and music. Atlantis takes place in the future under the sea in a post-apocalyptic refugee shelter. Inspired by Plato’s Atlantis, the work of Michel Foucault and Sartre, Atlantis is an optimistic outlook on a post-apocalyptic future.  Atlantis is a response to American capitalism and hyper-individualism, capitalism assumes that people’s primary motivation is greed and at the same time promotes greed in a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead, Atlantis tries to form an socio-economic political system built on the assumption of compassion starting with visual design and extending to the A.I. The first two pieces in the series were dour, critical, and satirical; in the current Covid-19 epidemic it would be irresponsible of this series to not offer a solution, if not a solution then hope, and if not hope then comfort.

If you enjoy the content or want to support this work consider buying a USB drive with the game, narration dialog, Plato’s Atlantis, Map of Atlantis, Ending Credits Video, and Digital Atlantis Booklet with narration, quotes, images, tips, and extra content.  $20.00 for US shipping $25.00 for international shipping.  Email if you’re interested.



Target Gallery – Post-Grad Artist Talk


Post-Grad Exhibition – Target Gallery

Target Gallery, the contemporary exhibition space at Torpedo Factory Art Center, celebrates the work of the four artists  in the 2020 Post-Grad Residency ProgramAshley LlanesLuis A. Navas- ReyesFanni Somogyi, and Vi Trinh2020 Post-Grad Residents will be on view Saturday, December 19, 2020, through Sunday, January 17, 2021. Target Gallery is in Studio 2 in the Art Center, located at 105 N. Union St., Alexandria, Va.

The Post-Grad Residency Program is a competitive, juried opportunity that provides meaningful support to emerging artists who have recently earned an accredited degree in the visual arts. Residents have three months of exclusive access to Studio 319 in the Art Center, wherein they create work, interact with the public, and connect with other arts professionals. It’s an opportunity for professional development and networking, and a chance to define a practice outside of an academic context.

The jurors for this opportunity were Nehemiah Dixon III, president and CEO of Nonstop Art, LLC and Stefanie Fedor, executive director for Visual Arts Center of Richmond.



Torpedo Factory – Torpedo Factory Art in Progress



Alexandria Times – City Creatives: Vi Trinh

An artist interview with the Alexandria Times reporter Cody Mello-Klein for his series of profiles on Torpedo Factory Art Center Artists.

Vi Trinh talks about her art practice and her pieces Escape and The Station.

“Vi Trinh can’t stop thinking about the internet.

As a post-grad artist-in-residence at the Torpedo Factory, Trinh is fascinated by the inner workings and subtle power dynamics of something most people take for granted. Through her interactive digital art, Trinh explores these dynamics of power and control, freedom and restraint, and how they manifest on the internet.”





Torpedo Factory Post-Graduate Artist Talk

March 19 2020


Online Torpedo Factory – Artist Talk

Thursday, Torpedo Factory Website

Vi Trinh talks with moderator Leslie Mounaime, Curator of Exhibitions at the Torpedo Factory Art Center, about her experiences during her time at the Torpedo Factory. Hear her speak about how her residency inspired her work and process, her project  interactive digital media project “The Station”she created during her time here, and what she will be doing next.

Check it out on the Torpedo Factory website.






Torpedo Factory – Digital Drawing Workshop

Thursday February 20th, 6-7pm at the Torpedo Factory Art Center, Studio 319

Want to learn how to draw in photoshop? Don’t know where to start? Come to this digital drawing workshop for beginners hosted by Vi Trinh and Cohosted by the Torpedo Factory.  The workshop will go over the tools, tips, and tricks to draw in Adobe Photoshop, with time left over for questions.  A crash course for digital drawing for beginners.

The workshop has limited space, please RSVP to secure your spot here.


Torpedo Factory – 2020 Post-Graduate Residency January-March



Friday, Monday, Tuesday: 12-6pm

Saturday, Sunday: 10am-6pm

Wednesday, Thursday: Closed

I will be part of the  Torpedo Factory’s 2020 post-graduate residents from January to March in studio 319.

This competitive juried residency provides meaningful support to emerging artists who have recently completed formal academic training in the visual arts. It is an opportunity to address the critical post-graduation juncture in an emerging artist’s career.

Residents have three months of exclusive access to a studio in the Art Center. Therein, they can create and sell work, interact with the public, and connect with other arts professionals. It’s an opportunity for professional development, networking, and a chance to define a practice outside of the academic context.





La Fenice Hong Kong – Intimists 4

La Fenice Hong Kong promotes top emerging and mid-career women artists with a unique quality to them, they only represent women that belong to at least two cultures. Their emphasis is on our artists being Intimists. That is they only represent artists who work alone without assistants, who’s work has intimacy.

Art created by women is one of the most undervalued assets currently in the world. In many cases women earn just about 5-10% of what men earn for a sold painting. This trend now started to change rapidly. La Fenice Hong Kong wants you to be part of our unique and adventurous journey of enrichment and discovery.


View it here





Art Gene - Digital U

Art Gene – Digital U: Extreme Views part 2

Digital U: Extreme Views Part 2. Examines the collision of art & environment in the digital age.  Curated by Alejandro Ball the exhibitions will be posted online between October 2019 – March 2020 and will remain online as part of Art Gene’s archive of projects.

“Regardless of the urge to hunker back to simpler times before the Internet, technology has become a steeple of contemporary society and culture.”    

“Rather than raise the luddite flag of regression, Digital U: Extreme Views offers a positive future outcome, one where humanity’s computational technology finds a position of marriage with terra (nature).”

-Alejandro Ball

View it here




Digital America – Issue No. 13

Digital America is an online journal that focuses on digital art and culture with an eye toward the American experience.  Their focus remains on work that just doesn’t quite fit anywhere else. They celebrate experimental internet art that may never live in a gallery, and they look for new perspectives on popular culture, digital culture, and art.

View it here




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 Harnett Museum of Art – △: Senior Thesis Exhibition

△: Senior Thesis Exhibition open from April 12 to May 9, 2019, at the Joel and Lila Harnett Museum of Art, University of Richmond Museums. The exhibition is the capstone experience for graduating visual media and arts practice majors in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Richmond.

Selected by the faculty of the Department of Art and Art History to participate in the thesis exhibition, three graduating senior visual media and arts practice majors present their art: Joseph McCormick, Vi Trinh, and Eibhlin Villalta. The students work throughout their senior year to prepare for this exhibition. The course was taught by Brittany Nelson, Assistant Professor of Photography, Department of Art and Art History, University of Richmond.




Digital America – Issue No. 11

This black and white animation was part of Digital America’s 11th Issue, published on April 10th, 2018.  Digital America is an online journal that focuses on digital art and culture with an eye toward the American experience.

View it here