Atlantis Play Through

Atlantis is the third piece in the “The Bunker Series” it’s a 3D modeled interactive with narration and music. Atlantis takes place in the future under the sea in a post-apocalyptic refugee shelter. Inspired by Plato’s Atlantis, the work of Michel Foucault and Sartre, Atlantis is an optimistic outlook on a post-apocalyptic future.  Atlantis is a response to American capitalism and hyper-individualism, capitalism assumes that people’s primary motivation is greed and at the same time promotes greed in a self-fulfilling prophecy. Instead, Atlantis tries to form an socio-economic political system built on the assumption of compassion starting with visual design and extending to the A.I. The first two pieces in the series were dour, critical, and satirical; in the current Covid-19 epidemic it would be irresponsible of this series to not offer a solution, if not a solution then hope, and if not hope then comfort.

If you enjoy the content or want to support this work consider buying a USB drive with the game, narration dialog, Plato’s Atlantis, Map of Atlantis, Ending Credits Video, and Digital Atlantis Booklet with narration, quotes, images, tips, and extra content.  $20.00 for US shipping $25.00 for international shipping.  Email if you’re interested.



Target Gallery – Post-Grad Artist Talk


Post-Grad Exhibition – Target Gallery

Target Gallery, the contemporary exhibition space at Torpedo Factory Art Center, celebrates the work of the four artists  in the 2020 Post-Grad Residency ProgramAshley LlanesLuis A. Navas- ReyesFanni Somogyi, and Vi Trinh2020 Post-Grad Residents will be on view Saturday, December 19, 2020, through Sunday, January 17, 2021. Target Gallery is in Studio 2 in the Art Center, located at 105 N. Union St., Alexandria, Va.

The Post-Grad Residency Program is a competitive, juried opportunity that provides meaningful support to emerging artists who have recently earned an accredited degree in the visual arts. Residents have three months of exclusive access to Studio 319 in the Art Center, wherein they create work, interact with the public, and connect with other arts professionals. It’s an opportunity for professional development and networking, and a chance to define a practice outside of an academic context.

The jurors for this opportunity were Nehemiah Dixon III, president and CEO of Nonstop Art, LLC and Stefanie Fedor, executive director for Visual Arts Center of Richmond.



Torpedo Factory – Torpedo Factory Art in Progress



Alexandria Times – City Creatives: Vi Trinh

An artist interview with the Alexandria Times reporter Cody Mello-Klein for his series of profiles on Torpedo Factory Art Center Artists.

Vi Trinh talks about her art practice and her pieces Escape and The Station.

“Vi Trinh can’t stop thinking about the internet.

As a post-grad artist-in-residence at the Torpedo Factory, Trinh is fascinated by the inner workings and subtle power dynamics of something most people take for granted. Through her interactive digital art, Trinh explores these dynamics of power and control, freedom and restraint, and how they manifest on the internet.”





Torpedo Factory Post-Graduate Artist Talk

March 19 2020


Online Torpedo Factory – Artist Talk

Thursday, Torpedo Factory Website

Vi Trinh talks with moderator Leslie Mounaime, Curator of Exhibitions at the Torpedo Factory Art Center, about her experiences during her time at the Torpedo Factory. Hear her speak about how her residency inspired her work and process, her project  interactive digital media project “The Station”she created during her time here, and what she will be doing next.

Check it out on the Torpedo Factory website.






Torpedo Factory – Digital Drawing Workshop

Thursday February 20th, 6-7pm at the Torpedo Factory Art Center, Studio 319

Want to learn how to draw in photoshop? Don’t know where to start? Come to this digital drawing workshop for beginners hosted by Vi Trinh and Cohosted by the Torpedo Factory.  The workshop will go over the tools, tips, and tricks to draw in Adobe Photoshop, with time left over for questions.  A crash course for digital drawing for beginners.

The workshop has limited space, please RSVP to secure your spot here.


Torpedo Factory – 2020 Post-Graduate Residency January-March



Friday, Monday, Tuesday: 12-6pm

Saturday, Sunday: 10am-6pm

Wednesday, Thursday: Closed

I will be part of the  Torpedo Factory’s 2020 post-graduate residents from January to March in studio 319.

This competitive juried residency provides meaningful support to emerging artists who have recently completed formal academic training in the visual arts. It is an opportunity to address the critical post-graduation juncture in an emerging artist’s career.

Residents have three months of exclusive access to a studio in the Art Center. Therein, they can create and sell work, interact with the public, and connect with other arts professionals. It’s an opportunity for professional development, networking, and a chance to define a practice outside of the academic context.





La Fenice Hong Kong – Intimists 4

La Fenice Hong Kong promotes top emerging and mid-career women artists with a unique quality to them, they only represent women that belong to at least two cultures. Their emphasis is on our artists being Intimists. That is they only represent artists who work alone without assistants, who’s work has intimacy.

Art created by women is one of the most undervalued assets currently in the world. In many cases women earn just about 5-10% of what men earn for a sold painting. This trend now started to change rapidly. La Fenice Hong Kong wants you to be part of our unique and adventurous journey of enrichment and discovery.


View it here





Art Gene - Digital U

Art Gene – Digital U: Extreme Views part 2

Digital U: Extreme Views Part 2. Examines the collision of art & environment in the digital age.  Curated by Alejandro Ball the exhibitions will be posted online between October 2019 – March 2020 and will remain online as part of Art Gene’s archive of projects.

“Regardless of the urge to hunker back to simpler times before the Internet, technology has become a steeple of contemporary society and culture.”    

“Rather than raise the luddite flag of regression, Digital U: Extreme Views offers a positive future outcome, one where humanity’s computational technology finds a position of marriage with terra (nature).”

-Alejandro Ball

View it here




Digital America – Issue No. 13

Digital America is an online journal that focuses on digital art and culture with an eye toward the American experience.  Their focus remains on work that just doesn’t quite fit anywhere else. They celebrate experimental internet art that may never live in a gallery, and they look for new perspectives on popular culture, digital culture, and art.

View it here




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 Harnett Museum of Art – △: Senior Thesis Exhibition

△: Senior Thesis Exhibition open from April 12 to May 9, 2019, at the Joel and Lila Harnett Museum of Art, University of Richmond Museums. The exhibition is the capstone experience for graduating visual media and arts practice majors in the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Richmond.

Selected by the faculty of the Department of Art and Art History to participate in the thesis exhibition, three graduating senior visual media and arts practice majors present their art: Joseph McCormick, Vi Trinh, and Eibhlin Villalta. The students work throughout their senior year to prepare for this exhibition. The course was taught by Brittany Nelson, Assistant Professor of Photography, Department of Art and Art History, University of Richmond.




Digital America – Issue No. 11

This black and white animation was part of Digital America’s 11th Issue, published on April 10th, 2018.  Digital America is an online journal that focuses on digital art and culture with an eye toward the American experience.

View it here